Rainforest and Community Tours

Location: Rwenzori Gateway – Kasese

Holidays that caters for the needs of the travelers as well as those of the destination.

RFCT was established in 2005 to do Rwenzori treks and incorporated in 2008 is a local specialist in crafting involving trips to all Uganda’s National parks and communities. We arrange crosscutting travel aspects while accommodating guest in all levels of hotels, community lodges and home-stays.

Over the years, we have managed to merge the experience of the professional guides with the traditional knowledge in the country, enabling one of the most captivating trips around Uganda showcasing the linkages between wildlife and culture.

Description of the types of guides used on the tours

  • Experienced expert guides: with over three years experience, these are locally trained in tourism school and conversant with Uganda’s national parks and communities
  • Ranger guides: Are adopted at the gate and inside the park and wildlife reserves to supplement our driver guides by giving specific information about scientific wildlife trends in the park. these guides ag=re formally hired and employed by the park. they get a whole range of tourism and conservation training courses.
  • Community traditional guide: Are in the local community destinations or at stopovers. They are experts of their locations since they live there all their life. They are adopted to enhance the knowledge of our expert driver guides. We give them timely supplementary profession guiding and tour management training.

Available languages: English (a list of other five languages can be hired on demand)

National parks included in itineraries:

  • All 10 Uganda’s national parks,
  • All 13 wildlife reserves
  • Forest reserves of Uganda
  • Community attractions

Responsible Travel

  • Beyond travel, we return practical benefits to the communities for popular reinvestment in livelihoods and conservation within the communities that both live with wildlife and welcome the visitors.
  • Besides making memorable safaris for many, we have built another level of local expertise in supporting local community lodges in marketing, capacity building and representation to enable them meet sustainability standards.
  • Direct financial contribution to conservation through training and tree planting

Type of vehicle used:

We use only 4WD safari vehicles. All our safari vehicles have-pop up roof, opening windows, Air conditioner, with a seat capacity ranging between 3 and 9 persons.

Pearls Supported:

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