Hands On Experiences

w1On your travels through Uganda, you are sure to come across beautiful handicrafts, thrilling cultural performances, African rhythms and delicious traditional food. If you’ve ever wondered how these are produced, these new workshops will give you the chance to find out.

Craft workshops show just how complex it is to make intricate baskets and bowls that you will find in souvenir shops and Ugandan homes, but with a little help from your expert teachers, you will soon pick up the basics, and maybe even be able to contribute a small section to the community basket!

Paper bead workshops are a great incentive to recycle colorful magazines and posters – you can personalize bracelets and necklaces to match your own unique tastes.

A cooking workshop will give you a real taste of Uganda – don’t forget that even the flour for the bread is made from scratch, and you will be cooking over an open fire. But food always tastes great after you’ve put so much effort into making it!

Other exciting new skills include African drumming on handmade hide drums, and even traditional dancing – if you have enough energy left after all your other adventures.

This is a great way to take a little bit of Ugandan holiday back home with you!