Village Walks

Encountering Uganda’s stunning array of wildlife is a moving experience for any visitor – but why not meet the people who live their daily lives surrounded by bold gorillas, enormous hippos and cheeky chimpanzees?

Village Walks through rural communities offer the most rewarding insight into daily life as a Ugandan, and the tours are conducted by guides from the villages themselves. See people perform centuries-old trades such as the housewife grinding millet with flat stones; the blacksmith pound a machete into shape; and the traditional healer selecting medicinal plants to treat sick or injured neighbors.

You will have the chance to visit a traditional homestead, and learn how people cook, work and entertain themselves without electricity or running water. Maybe you will see a village school or nursery, set up with funds from tourism. Or meet a traditional birth attendant – a lifeline for mothers in remote areas. You can even visit a distillery – where the potent banana gin waragi is produced.


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