Volcanoes Safaris 

Location: Kampala Uganda and Rwanda

Welcome to the unique world of Volcanoes Safaris! Our visionary approach to great ape eco-tourism is centered around our eco-lodges near the threatened gorilla and chimpanzee populations. We look forward to sharing this magical experience with you.

The Volcanoes Safaris Group is a unique great ape ecotourism business which was set up in Kampala, Uganda in 1997 and specializes in mountain gorilla safaris. Over the last decade, we have taken over 6,000 clients on gorilla safaris and we currently employ over 100 people globally. This track record makes us the No. 1 Gorilla Safari Company. We offer an unrivalled, integrated set of services including safaris and our own eco safari lodges; international sales offices in London and Atlanta; ecotourism partnership programs with communities and conservation organisations to give communities a stake in the development of eco-tourism; great ape ecotourism advisory services for governments and donors.

Type of vehicle used:

  • We use 4WD minibuses and Toyota Landcruisers which are comfortable, well maintained and in good condition.

Description of the types of guides used on the tours

  • The ‘Volcanoes family’ – from the guides and waitresses to the lodge managers and tour team – are committed to ensuring that clients have a distinctive and memorable experience in this frontier area of Africa. Many of our staff, drawn from different countries and ethnic groups, are from families which have survived conflict. All have benefited from Volcanoes’ extensive training program and today they manage our Uganda safaris, Rwanda safaris, Tanzania Safaris and lodges. This approach to empowering local staff is unique among leading safari companies.

Available languages: English, Frech and Local languages

National Parks included in itineraries:

  • Bwindi Impenentrable National Park
  • Mgahinga Gorilla National park
  • Queen Elizabeth National Park
  • Murchison Falls National Park
Responsible Travel
  • We believe that ecotourism in these remote areas needs to respect the culture of local communities, their modest economic means and the fragility of the environment. Providing western standards of comfort needs to be balanced with the pressure local people face in obtaining food and clean water. In designing our eco-lodges, therefore, we ensure that water consumption is reduced and waste disposal controlled, and solar power is used instead of generators.
  • As award winning pioneers in ecotourism we ensure our safaris respect the culture of local communities, the fragility of the environment and the need to use resources in a sustainable way.
  • The Volcanoes Kyambura Gorge Eco-tourism Partnership project promotes the protection of chimpanzees and creates a buffer zone between the Gorge and the local communities.

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