Rwenzori Turaco View Village Walk

Location: Bordering Rwenzori Mountains National Park

The tiny village of Mihunga faces the craggy, snow-capped peaks of Rwenzori Mountains, known as the “Mountains of the Moon”.

The Bakonzo tribe have lived here for over 300 years, and have adapted their way of life to the dramatic climate and steep green hillsides of the Rwenzori foothills.

The Mihunga community tourism group, Turaco View, takes you on a cultural tour of the village, which includes a demonstration by a traditional healer, whose plant-based ointments and infusions are essential to this remote Ugandan community, which has no electricity or running water. Visitors will also enjoy a trip to the village school and a crafts demonstration, in which Bakonzo women demonstrate how they create their intricate baskets from natural materials.

You will also be treated to a performance of the lively Bakonzo dance, accompanied by African drumming.


  • Learn how the traditional healer uses the leaves, fibers and bark of rain forest plants to treat patients in the village.
  • Enjoy the Bakonzo dance and the rhythm of the handmade hide drums.
  • Experience a Ugandan classroom and know that your visit to Turaco View is contributing to the education of the pupils.

Responsible Travel

  • All guides and restaurant staff are from Mihunga community
  • The fruit and vegetables in the Turaco View restaurant are purchased from local farmers
  • Income from community tourism supports conservation and reforestation projects, a community piggery project and microfinance schemes¬†

Package Includes

  • Guided tour and performances

Contact us for more information

Phone: +256-414501866 +256-414501866 / +256-772657700 +256-772657700


Two hours, but flexible

What to Bring

  • Walking shoes or boots
  • Layers and a waterproof jacket (the climate is changeable in the mountains)
  • Drinks and snacks
  • Hat and sun screen
  • Cash for tips and craft purchases


15 $ per person catering for the guide and the experience

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