Pamoja Safaris

Location: Kampala 

We at Pamoja Safaris our mission is to provide quality tourism services and promote tourism on the southern sector of Murchison falls national park by supporting the local community surrounded the park and focusing on education, Health access to clean water and sustainable development in the Albertine region with the funds raise from the safaris. Pamoja Safaris is profit making travel company by limited.   We are very much committed to livelihood, and cultural conservation is an key trait of our operations.  

We provide skilled tourism guides, cooks and escorts to accompany tourists who wish to summit any of the Rwenzori peaks. Our most unique tourism offering is guiding clients to the highest point on Ugandan soil, Margherita Peak at 5109m above sea level.

Although we are famous for ourtourism services we also offer additional products featuring an array of Ugandan national parks as well as volunteer tourism opportunities to the local communities in Uganda.

Type of vehicle used: 

  • Luxury Landcruiser 5-seater 
  • Safari Van 7-seater

Activities offered 

  • Tour and travel
  • Guided nature trails
  • Wildlife safaris around Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania
  • Hiking Safari
  • Cultural walk
  • Honey moon Holiday tour

Available languages: 

  • English and Ugandan Local languages

National Parks included in itineraries:


  • All ten national parks of Uganda


Mubaku +256 786 776 100+256 716 164 974
Kampala +256 414 698 399
+256 782 365 566


Responsible Travel

  • We sensitize the local community on the value of conservation and tourism around Murchison falls national park through member’s general meetings, community conservation outreach, community–public meetings and workshops for guides and cooks.
  • We fund school and look for sponsors to the school going children, and participate in door to door outreach to avoid early girl child dropout.
  • We provide tree seedlings to every Mubaku community conservation organization member at all general meetings.
  • Pamoja we Funds Mubaku community conservation organization with community project also mobilizes community women and encourages them to make craft to be sold to visitors. A free space house in front of Bright future Nursery school provide them with income generating activities (IGA). This way they have a new channel to distribute their good. 
  • Pamoja Safaris and Wild Experience Africa aid schools with funds to construct 4 class rooms or give out bags of cement.  Also, we look for a sponsor from abroad and run an education loan program to help students obtain higher education.  
  • We at Pamoja Safaris offers our vehicles to the community in cases of emergencies.
  • Pamoja Safaris fund Mubaku community to acquire land for a health Centre for community. The health unit will sensitize the community on family planning, reproductive health, child health care, out reaches and immunization.
  • Pamoja Safaris aids the community through the improvement of social amenities, e.g. schools, health centers.
  • The organization has its own dance and drama, soccer team and community conservation personnel, all of whom are picked for the community to enhance their economic advancement, socio-cultural livelihood and quality of life.
  • All of our 10 Teachers, guides and administration staff are recruited from the local community.
  • Pamoja Safaris together with community collaboration are planning to build Mubaku community safaris camp (MCSC). And community safari boat that will be start with it docking around Mubaku village.