Buniga Forest Walk 

Location: Buniga Forest

Discover the gorgeous hidden treasures of the Buniga Forest and its diverse flora and fauna populations escorted by locals who are expert regional guides. Buniga Forest Reserve is one of the 3 remaining pocket forests adjacent to Bwindi National Park in Kisoro District. Due to the increased encroachment on the forest and associated loss of biodiversity and other forest values and products, the trail was created by the NCDF to protect the forest and manage it for ecotourism activities that benefit surrounding communities. 

  • Discover the rich flora and fauna populations of the forest.
  • Take part in a forest adventure.  
  • Learn about local conservation activities and community development initiatives.  
Responsible Travel
  • All profits from tours benefit surrounding communities
  • The project was developed to protect the Buniga Forest and its ecosystem.
  • The tour is an embodiment of the principles of sustainable tourism, as it benefits both conservation and community development while providing an unrivaled adventure to tourists.  
Package Includes
  • Guided tour 

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