Rwenjeru Parish

Location: Biharwe sub-county Mbarara district.

Visit Rwenjeru Parish and embark on an array of unforgettable cultural and natural activites. You will even have the option of spending the night in an authentic Ugandan community!

The community has an onsite restaurant that allows guests to sample traditional cooking, including delicous matooke, kalo, potatoes, rice and much more. Savour tropical fresh fruit and try your hand at a variety of unique activities from discovering medicinial plants to bird watching.

Room and Lodge Description

The dormitory-style rooms all have electricity, towels, sheets, mosquito nets, showers and flushing toilets. The guesthouse has the capacity to accommodate up to 100 people per night. Visitors can enjoy complimentary breakfast, lunch and dinner. Extra amenities include tents, self catering facilities, canteens and a campfire. There is also an on-site restaurant where visitors can enjoy traditional Ugandan food.  

Activities At The Lodge

  • Hiking / Trekking
  • Bird Watching
  • Other Wildlife Watching
  • Medicinal plants tour
  • Traditional dance or music performance
  • Volunteer Program
  • Visits to a local school
  • Crafts demonstrations
  • Watch and help Ugandan work the fields and do other quotidian village work, such as gardening, bee keeping and cattle herding 

Responsible Travel

  • We involve communities rather than individuals. For this reason, we believe, local guides should participate in the planning and managing of the tour since this gives back to the local community.
  • The profits from tourism help us respect traditional culture and social structures, which contributes to the conservation of our rich cultural heritage.
  • Profits also help us come up with mechanisms to help communities cope with the damage created by commercial tourism.
  • Visitors can purchase local arts and crafts which directly benefits the village economy.
  • All the food prepared is sourced and produced within the village.  
  • We help clean the surrounding area and educate our local neighbors on overall environmental impact reduction techniques.  


The approximate cost of a stay is:
20,000 Ugsh per/night

Tour or Activity:
10,000- 30,000 Ugsh


Primary contact: 
Mr. Enock Rutaaza

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