Jjaja Bbanga Community

Location: Rakai district,Nabigassa sub-county Ngoma Village

Discover the Jjaja Bbanga community and stay in a local guesthouse that was once the home of the community’s chief. Enjoy authentic Ugandan community accommodation and partake in the various activities offered through Grassrootz Safari, a sponsor of the community. During your stay you can participate in tourism activities throughout the village, many of which entail volunteering activities which support the community and conservation.

Room Description

Guests can sleep in the very same place the village chief once slept! Rooms are set up dormitory-style and all have electricity, towels, sheets, mosquito nets, showers and flushing toilets. The guesthouse can accommodate up to nine people per night and breakfast, lunch and dinner are included.

Activities At The Lodge

  • Visit to local school
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Ability to view day-to-day life in a Ugandan village
  • Traditional dance or music performance
  • Watch and help Ugandan work the fields and do other daily village work.  

Responsible Travel

  • We mainly employ parents of the students from Jjaja Bbanga primary school.
  • Visitors may purchase local arts and crafts which directly benefits the village economy.
  • All food is sourced and produced within the village, also helping to generate village income.  
  • The guesthouse takes active measures to minimize waste, use of water and use of electricity. We use water from the well and/or rainwater. Our visitors have the opportunity to fetch the water themselves so that they can feel as culturally immersed as possible. This also encourages them to use the water responsibly.
  • For electricity we use solar energy and at our school project there is a bio-gas installation.
  • We help clean the surrounding area as well as educating visitors on overall environmental impact reduction techniques.  


The approximate cost of a stay is:
30,000 Ugsh per/night


Primary contact: Ms. Sarah Jjuuko
0775193270 / 0775193271