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Ruboni Village Walk

Ruboni Village Walk

Location: Bordering Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Stretching along the Congo border, the spectacular snow-capped Rwenzoris are the third highest mountains in Africa, but one of the most difficult to climb. The Bakonzo people have lived in the foothills for around 300 years, and invite visitors to experience daily life in their village, surrounded by rainforests, banana plantations, glacial rivers and the peaks of the “Mountains of the Moon.”

Discover the village of Ruboni, home to around 2000 Bakonzo. Walk with them as they demonstrate their daily activities, from tending to their animals and crops, to preparing meals with the freshest ingredients. You will visit a homestead, where food is cooked on an outdoor fire, as well as meeting the blacksmith, the traditional healer, basket weavers and storytellers. Additional activities include a vibrant dance performance by Ruboni villagers, accompanied by lively drumming; and for those who want to get even more involved, there is an African drumming class (both booked separately).


  • The homestead provides an insight into authentic Ugandan life – see how daily tasks are carried out with no electricity, gas or kitchen appliances.
  • In remote areas such as this, the traditional healer takes the place of clinics, hospitals and doctors. Learn about the ailments that can be treated with plants from the surrounding mountain slopes.
  • Watch how a knife or panga (machete) is fashioned by hand from a shapeless lump of iron. The blacksmith´s essential work has changed little over the centuries.

Responsible Travel

  • Tourism revenue has funded a number of initiatives including a child school sponsorship program and a tree nursery project. Seedlings are given to local families or planted in the community forest.
  • Funds from the dance performance are invested in small-scale animal husbandry for the dancers’ families.
  • Income from the sale of crafts is used by the craftswomen to buy goats and pigs, as well as the promotion of a household savings and investment programme.

Package Includes

  • Guided village tour and all demonstrations

Contact us for more information

Phone: +256-414501866 / +256-772657700



Two to three hours

What to Bring

  • Walking shoes or boots
  • Layers and a waterproof jacket (the climate is changeable in the mountains)
  • Drinks
  • Hat and sun screen
  • Cash for tips and craft purchases
  • Camera


  • Village Walk: 15$ USh pp,
  • Dance performance: 1-5 people: 25$/ more than 5 people: 35$
  • Drumming lesson: 10$ per person (one hour)

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  • GeoLodges Equator Snow Lodge
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