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Getting Around

Getting Around Uganda

Travelling around Uganda has never been easier – flexibility exists in use of private or public transport, with the improving transport network and extended communication facilities to upcountry regions.

Travelling around Uganda is a true adventure. There are several ways to get around in Uganda, and the option you choose will depend upon your time constraints and your budget. Travelling by road is the most accessible and probably the cheapest way to travel though domestic flights are available. Public transport connects all major locations, and ventures far off the beaten track.

Tour Operators and Public Transportation

Buses, taxis, VIP vans and several touring trucks operated by individual tour operators are all available to help travelers reach their destinations. Motorcycles or boda bodas, as they are locally known, can always be used for short distances. Safety can be a concern so its not recommended to travel without a helmet.

Consider finding a tour operator to assist with your travel plans.



Self Drive
Self-drive options are best left for return visitors to the country and more seasoned travelers who are accustomed to driving in a variety of road conditions. You may find you are more comfortable leaving the driving up to a local driver guide who will also give you an interpretive commentary while you enjoy the scenic view.

Domestic Flights
Contact one of our leading Pearls of Uganda tour operators to get assistance with your transportation and travel package.

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